A simple, daily task such as boiling water can be the subject of highly contested discussions. How much water should be used? Should you cover the cooking pot? When should you add the salt? And once you put in the pasta, should you lower the heat? Let’s try clarify some things around.

First of all, the proportion of water to be used is one (1) litre for every 100 grams of pasta, in order to have enough water to keep the pasta fully hydrated and keep the boiling on going.

In terms of salt, only large kitchen salt is to be used, at a ratio of 15 grams for every litre of water in wide, deep pot in order for the pasta to have enough space to float around. Salt is to be added only when the water has started boiling, after which one is to wait for the salt to dissolve and then water to start boiling again.

It is at this point that the pasta is to be put in, all at one go and immediately stir in order to avoid the pasta sticking together. The pot should not be covered for the whole process and the heat should be quite high. Once the water starts to boil again, the heat should be slightly reduced, however still keeping a high temperature in order to perfectly cook the pasta.

Finally, make sure to keep some of the pasta water in order to better mix in the sauce and condiments to your liking.