1. Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Pasta Balotta and our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are important and affect your legal rights, so please read them carefully. By placing an order on this website you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. You agree to accept full responsibility for all your activities on our website and online ordering. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you may not access or use the site, order, receive or use these products.


2. Ordering Services and Acceptance Policy

You must be over 18 years of age to use our website, or otherwise under the supervision of an adult or guardian. As a part of the checkout process you will be able to select the delivery date and timeframe for your delivery. All orders received are subject to acceptance of Pasta Balotta and any of its personnel. We reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to reject any order without giving any reasons. In the event of a rejection, we will refund or cancel any payments received in full, via the payment method used to place the order.


3. Order Changes and Cancellation Policy

We will always do our best to make last minute changes for you, but we can only guarantee changes that are requested by 09:00am the day before the intended delivery date. You can cancel by contacting us at info@pastabalotta.com.


4. Pricing and Availability

All prices are stated inclusive of any applicable VAT, unless otherwise stated. All applicable delivery charges are set out explicitly in your order.
All of our products are subject to availability and we reserve the right to impose quantity limits on any order, to reject all or part of an order, to discontinue offering certain products and to substitute products without prior notice.


5. Delivery Policy

Pasta Balotta delivers to any address that matches any postcode where we operate but do not deliver to PO Box addresses. You agree to pay any applicable delivery charges that will be clearly shown to you before you check out. Although we will always try our best to ensure punctual delivery for our customers, Pasta Balotta cannot be held responsible if a delivery arrives late due to any circumstances. In the event of a non-delivery (your meals not having arrived) please contact us at info@pastabalotta.com. It is the customers responsibility to contact us within 7 days of the scheduled delivery date in order to claim a refund of the full amount paid. Failure to do so will result in the lapse of any rights to a refund. You are responsible for inspecting all products for any damage or other issues upon delivery to maintain the quality and integrity of the products, we strongly recommend that you immediately place the product in a refrigerator or freezer as per the enclosed instructions pertaining to the product upon delivery or purchase.
If you want to change the delivery address of your order, please ensure to do so by 09:00am of the day before your next order is due to arrive. We are unable to provide refunds for any deliveries sent to the wrong location where we have not received advance notice in accordance with this paragraph.


6. Returns and Refunds

Our meals are packed carefully to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. However, for reasons beyond our control, damage may occur in transit. Should this happen, to a level you deem unacceptable please contact us so that we can arrange for a refund or a free replacement. Please note that you may need to email us a photo of the damage product within 24 hours or receipt in order to be eligible for a refund of the full amount paid. Due to the perishable nature of our pasta meals, we do not accept returns. We offer our customers refunds or replacement delivery if our meals are not delivered to an acceptable quality as detailed above.


7. Free Trials

From time to time, to the extent permitted by law, we may offer free trials without payment. Free trials are limited to one (1) per household.


8. Gift Cards

All our usual terms and conditions apply to gift cards. The Gift card(s) can be delivered by physical means to your chosen recipient on the date of your choosing or by electronic means to an email address you specify. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash or redeemed against delivery charges nor any special offers. All gift cards are dated and expire twelve (12) months from date of issue. No refunds will be processed in respect of any gift card expired. In the case of outstanding gift card balance, such balance is always redeemable till expiry date. Any returned products purchased by gift cards resulting in a refund, will be refunded by means of credit added to the gift cards recipient account at Pasta Balotta. Pasta Balotta is not responsible if a gift card is lost, destroyed or stolen or used without permission. No replacement will be provided under these circumstances.


9. Discounts and Promotion Codes

Our customers enjoy free delivery on all orders above €20. However, if the promotional code or discount used results in the amount paid by the customer falling under €20 the free delivery is no longer granted.


10. No Resale

You are not permitted to resell or otherwise use our products for commercial purposes.


11. Modification to the Site and Products

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to suspend, modify, discontinue temporarily or permanently the site (or parts thereof) on the provision of the products at any time.


12. Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law, in no event shall the maximum aggregate liability of Pasta Balotta or anyone of its personnel (jointly) exceed the amount paid for the product.


13. Arbitration and Disputes

You and Pasta Balotta agree that any dispute resulting from these terms and conditions, contents or products is solely personal to you and Pasta Balotta. Any such dispute will be resolved solely through individual arbitration and in no case shall be brought as class action, class arbitration or any other type of representative proceedings. You and Pasta Balotta agree that no individual attempts to resolve a dispute as a representative of another individual or group of individuals.


14. Disclaimer

You are solely responsible for and assume all risks related to the proper and safe handling, preparation, storage, cooking, use and consumption of the products. You are also responsible for knowing about any food allergies you may have and of verifying the products and their contents before handling, preparing, using or consuming such products. While we strive to display the products with all information regarding allergens, we cannot guarantee that cross contamination will not occur between products.


15. Force Majure

Pasta Balotta cannot be held responsible or liable in performance or any of our obligations under a contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control “Force majure” events and includes in particular and without limitation, the following:
Impossibility to use public or private telecommunication.
Impossibility to use public or private transport.
Any natural disaster.
Regulations or restrictions of any government.
Strikes, lockouts or any industrial action.
Social instability, terrorist attacks or war.


16. Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed in accordance to the Maltese law. All parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Maltese courts.


17. Registered Office and Trading Address

Pasta Balotta, 383, Fleur de Lys Road, Birkirkara, MALTA BKR 9063.

While thanking you for your order, we trust you enjoy to the full our exclusive creations.