With pasta always being at the forefront of Italian gastronomy, the natural succeeding step were its condiments, making pasta an all-rounder. Each pasta recipe can truly embody the tastes and flavours of that particular time of the year. One of the strongest points of any pasta dish is its ability to live together the different sauces it is cooked with, creating a concoction of delicate flavours from the finest sauces to the stongest tastes it is combined with.

Different types of sauces bring out the best of every different type of pasta, and even if not always very evident, the best combinations can elevate the dishes consistency and harmony of flavours.


Here is a quick, practical guide on the most popular pasta types and sauce combinations.

Long Pasta


Amatriciana, sauces made up of tomatoes or cheese.


Simple fish sauces, Pesto Genovese.


Tomato sauces, oil-based sauces and fish sauces.


In layers or with various ragu’ such as Napoletana or meat sauces.


Thick sauces, meat ragu’, plant-based sauces, sausage, meat sauces and even baked in layers.


Rich meat sauces, cheese and vegetable.


Vegetable soup or broths.

Short Pasta


Pasta salads or ricotta based sauces.


Boiled with beans and potatoes, and then added to a classic Pesto Genovese.


Simple oil-based sauces, or with summery cold pasta.


Broccoli, tomato and ricotta sauces.


Fish ragu’, thick vegetable sauces.

Penne Lisce

Light fish sauces, vegetables and cold pasta.

Pasta Mista

In broths, vegetable soups, other soups and pasta with beans.

While pasta has this unique capability of adapting itself to different ingredients across endless combinations, the right condiments simply add to perfecting the formula that brings about the best of its tastes and flavours.