Lemon Tagliolini with Lemon Aromatic Butter, Parsley and Chilli Pepper Taralli
October 8, 2019

Fazzoletti with a Sea Urchin filling in a Saffron Cream Sauce with Goji Berries

When we were drafting the menu and thought of this dish, one thing came to mind…total refinement. This dish looks, smells and tastes divine.

A delicate sea urchin filling is wrapped in a fresh pasta parcel with saffron sauce. Saffron is an exclusive spice, handpicked because of it’s delicate structure. 120,000 flowers are needed to make 1kg of Saffron spice, making this flower known as red gold. The dish is also complimented with goji berries known for their nutritional value, the berries give a natural sweetness to the dish, elevating the flavour.

Nutritional Information

Regular Portion – 250gr of pasta, sauce and garnish (1pp)


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