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September 11, 2019
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September 12, 2019

Cappellacci all’Uovo with Parmigiano, Ricotta and Mozzarella in a Sicilian Red Pesto

The ‘Cappellaccio’ originates from Ferrara in Emilia Romagna and the name stands for the straw-hat like shape, typically worn by the farmers in this region.

Simple and delicious, the fresh egg pasta is filled with a blend of ricotta, mozzarella and parmigiano with a sprinkling of nutmeg.  A red pesto sauce reminiscent of Sicily, is used as a condiment.  Red pesto is made of tomatoes, ricotta, pine nuts, garlic and fresh basil – ingredients which blend extremely well with the ‘Cappellacio’.  Sun dried tomatoes are added to the dish to heighten the palate.

Nutritional Information

Regular Portion – 250gr of pasta, sauce and garnish (1pp)

Large Portion – 350gr of pasta, sauce and garnish (1-2pp)


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