Our Vision

Our primary mission is to make high quality, fresh Italian pasta easily available, and within everyone’s reach at sustainable prices. We want to do so mostly through sharing the stories of…our people, our products, our suppliers and our unique artisanality, and in doing so we’ll be honouring the knowledge and traditions passed on to us by our fathers, grandfathers and families.

We want our clients to be as excited as we are about our pasta, knowing they are eating and savouring fresh, authentic, hand-made products that satisfy everyone’s appetites and dreams.

Throughout this journey, we want to involve everyone, from clients to suppliers, to be part of our family. We would be happy and honoured to do so. It’s our way of inviting everyone to our very own table, in a way typical of us Italians. And because food unites us all, it brings people together around in moments of happiness and joy. We are endless optimists, determined to bring our vision to life thanks to all of you who believed in us since day one, and we hope to nourish relationships that can make our vision flourish, in a setting that respects our history, values and the sustainability of our operating environment.