Made By Hand


An old craft embodying Italian pride and culture.

Making fresh pasta is an old craft dating back centuries: using the ever traditional mattarello sheets of dough are rolled and crafted into golden strings that make items like the Spaghetti, Bavette and Tagliatelle, filled pasta pockets such as Tortellini or Ravioli and the timeless Lasagne and Cannelloni.

For centuries, fresh pasta has been a synonym of class. Preparing it demands knowledge, thought and patience. Only using primary sources of the highest quality, it is possible to make delicious fresh pasta. It can then take a multitude of different shapes and sizes, like ravioli, tortellini, orecchiette and much more, in turn creating an umami of nutrients and flavours.

This old tradition brings together the freshness and genuinity of our ingredients and the attention towards their sustainability, in the regions and territories from where we source them. This passion ultimately creates a harmony of flavours that will surely tingle everyone’s palate, even the finest and most demanding foodies.

Without a shred of a doubt, fresh hand-made pasta is the crown jewel of Italian gastronomy.

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