Gourmet Box

Italian Excellence

Gourmet cuisine requires a complex process of understanding and the use of selected, high quality ingredients which tantalise the palate and ensures the person’s well-being.  Italy follows a Mediterranean diet, which in its very nature epitomises the core concepts of gourmet cuisine – one which is truly genuine and completely satisfies the person’s nutritional needs.

For us at Pasta Balotta gourmet cuisine embodies alimentary excellence. We managed to craft a product that combines a deeply researched pasta concoction with a fine sauce that complements and elevates its taste, always respecting the product’s artisanal origins.

The menu includes Classic dishes from every Italian region like Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe typical Roman, Bucatini all’Amatriciana from small village in the Lazio region called Amatrice or Trofie alla ligure from Genova, or modern classics such as Spaghetti con Gamberi e Fior di Zucca, Pappardelle con le Melanzane in bianco or Tagliatelle Fave, Salsiccia e Mandorle.  We will send you anything you need to prepare the dishes you ordered in 4 – 5 minutes.  A Gourmet pasta portion from Pasta Balotta includes an artisan handmade pasta, a fresh Italian sauce and a garnish such as Parmigiano Reggiano, shaved truffle, grissini or roasted hazelnuts.  You will also receive an easy to follow recipe card for each dish telling you how to put it all together in a blink of an eye and without waste.  Then with your family, friends or guests you will enjoy an experience of truly authentic pasta dish you will create an Italian dining feeling that represents the values of sharing food and being in a family atmosphere. You’ll definitely make a great impression!


The Gourmet Box will deliver Artisan Primi di Pasta dishes directly to your door.  It contains everything you need to prepare a 5 Star quality pasta dish in minutes.


How it works

Choose your pasta dish

Our chef has designed handmade artisanal pasta dishes, fresh sauces from Italy accompanied by an Italian garnish for a quick preparation of a five star quality restaurant pasta dish.  You can choose 2 or 3 items from our menu per box. We guarantee the freshness of all our ingredients and deliver them in a perfect state to your door for you to prepare and enjoy.

We deliver to your Door

We offer free delivery for orders of 15 Euro and over.  We also provide same day delivery for orders confirmed before 14.30.  You can also book your preferred date and time slot for delivery.

Create Magic 

Follow our simple step by step instructions and you will experience the magic of cooking authentic Italian pasta dishes that our chefs create keeping the Italian cooking pasta tradition in mind.


What’s inside a Pasta Balotta Box?

The box contains portions of delicious, chef designed primi di pasta, sauces and garnish.  You will also have easy step by step instructions – so you can never go wrong!  All ingredients are responsibly sourced quality ingredients, fresh produce, sustainable products and exclusive blends.  The amounts are perfectly portioned in the amounts selected (choose between 250g or 350g).  Ice packs and recyclable packaging are included to ensure your ingredients stay always fresh and in respect for the environment.


A Seasonal Menu

Our menu will present 12 to 15 different dishes every month for you to choose from and order at any time.  Traditional, vegetarian, gluten free, classical, gourmet – there is always something for everyone.  Sauces also include gluten free options.


Choose your Portion

We want to offer two different size portion: 250g and 350g. Each portion is designed to feed one person comfortably. We think and design our dishes as they would be served in the best Italian restaurants, keeping however in mind one fundamental thing: you have to eat!

So while we think that the 250g portion is a fair portion, we wanted to offer the 350g portion, also in the light of the feedback we were having when testing our pasta dishes. What we heard very often was ‘ keep them coming…..’.  We want you to enjoy the experience of Italy’s finest primi di pasta.

Minimum Order – Any two portions per box or any three portions per box.


Storing the Gourmet Box

We thought of the same day deliver concept from placement of order essentially for you to enjoy cooking of our dishes exactly when you feel like it.  The Gourmet Box is suitable to stay in the freezer.  Please check with the recipe card inside the box for the correct storage instructions of the products.


We choose to deliver our products ourselves in order to make sure that the product arrives to you in perfect fresh conditions and on the day and time slot selected.

Same day delivery is guaranteed when the order comes before 14.30.

Delivery date and time can be pre-booked.

Check if we deliver in your area by entering your post code.

You can order through the website, facebook or by telephone

Delivery is Free of Charge on orders of €15.00 or over. There will be a €2.50 charge on all other orders.

Boxes contain ice packs to ensure freshest delivery. 

We will advise you when your order is on the way.