Flour is a product originating from wheat. In fact, wheat grains are pressed and minced, in order to obtain the fine, granular substance that we know as flour.

While flour derivating from wheat is rich in fibres that create the fulfilling properties of pasta,  it also aids intestinal substances to work better.

To make fresh pasta we use wheat flour in order to obtain a smooth, silky dough, mostly used for ravioli and tortellini due to its medium-low softness and good elasticity.

There obviously exist many different types of flour, with or without gluten, and each having their own particular properties such as flour type ‘00’, flour types ‘0-1-2’, rice flour, sweet flour, gram flour and whole-wheat flour. Flour is essential for fresh pasta, as well as the whole sphere of Italian gastronomy. Having so many different types and qualities, we at Pasta Balotta only choose the best flour sourced from the finest ingredients available.