Gourmet Box


What’s in the box?

You will always find a recipe card included in your box which will provide more detailed instructions for each dish.


How long can I store it for?  Can I freeze it?

Our dishes are thought to be cooked on the day of delivery to the extent that we offer same day delivery service.  You can however, safely keep the sauces  in the fridge for up to a month, if not otherwise stated in the recipe card found in the Gourmet Box.  Alternatively, you can safely freeze.  Pasta should be always stored in the freezer. Also the Box is suitable for freezing.


Where do you make your pasta and sauces?

All our pastas and sauces are prepared in Italy by Italian hands with ‘zero food kilometres’ Italian produce.  The pasta is made in our kitchen lab in Lecce under the surveillance of the expert eyes of our MastroPastaio Maurizio, who leads a fantastic team of wonderful ladies who with their sleek hands create magic.  Our sauces are then freshly made in Firenze under the guidance of Carla and Alessandro and in Agrigento in Sicily under Sughi Maestro Alfonso.  We capture the best of Italy by delivering to your door the best combination of both northern and southern Italian sauces. Authentic artisan Italian sauces made with love and passion to guarantee an exceptional result.


Where do you source your ingredients?

We only get our ingredients from Italy.  We tend to prefer small, local producers to by ‘zero food kilometres’ products and preferably bio products.


Do you change your menu?

We are always trying to offer different culinary experiences and tastes to you.  Italy is so rich in its food heritage.  Every region has its own speciality and we would like to bring these experiences to your table.  Different shapes and fillings of pasta, usually very little known, but which will utterly surprise you with their heavenly matched sauce.  On top of that, a garnish to deliver the perfect dish every time.


Is your packaging box recyclable?

Of course! At Pasta Balotta we strive to do all we can to protect and interact with the environment around us.  That is why from day one we use recyclable boxes. Our boxes are food grade, virgin craft boxes so they can be recycled.  We thank you for helping us protect our world, our children and their children who will still have to live here.


Other Options


Food Allergies/Allergens

We prepare our dishes in a state of the art kitchen that qualifies for the highest standards of EU hygiene and food handling regulations.  Our menu features a wide variety of pasta recipes using fresh ingredients. We handle nuts, gluten,milk,celery, mustard, molluscs and shellfish. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that traces of these foods are not present in our dishes.  If you have a food allergy we strongly advice against consuming our products.  Please contact at info@pastabalotta.com should you require any further information.


I am gluten intolerant.

We are extremely conscious of people’s dietary needs and are very particular about the choice of our flours to meet our clients demands.So look out for our gluten free dish on our menu.  We offer a lot of our sauces in a gluten free version.


I am a vegetarian.

Great.  You will find in our menu a range of delightful vegetarian dishes.


I am allergic to nuts.

We use nuts in some recipes. Our state of the art kitchen, satisfies all EU hygiene and food handling standards.  Although we strive to avoid cross contamination, we cannot guarantee the total absence of traces of nuts in other recipes.  Please take this into consideration when placing an order.


Do you have vegan options?

Yes. Definitely, always at least one dish on our menu is a vegan dish.




Where do you deliver?

We deliver ourselves to ensure the product arrives in perfect condition at the day and time you requested it.  So please check on our site if your postcode is in the area where we deliver. If this is not the case please talk to us at info@pastabalotta.com as we are always happy to expand our delivery network. Thank you.


What is the delivery cost?

We are delighted to offer free delivery for orders over 15Euros. We charge a small charge of 2.50 Euros for orders under 15Euros.  Pasta Balotta subscribers receive always free delivery.


What day does it arrive and when and what time do you deliver?

We deliver every day of the week, holidays included.  You have three options.  Order till 14:30 and you get same day delivery.  After 14:30 we deliver the next day.  Or book your order for any other day and time convenient to you. However if you understand after 14:30 that you need your pasta for the evening, please give us a call, and although we cannot promise, we will see if there is a possibility to accommodate you.  You can also choose the preferred timeslot for your delivery.


What if I am not in for my delivery?

We offer a service that you choose your favourite day and time slot for your delivery plus we advise you through SMS that we are on our way.  However, if for some unforeseen reason you are not available, if you are kind enough to advise us so we can leave it with a designated person assigned by you in the vicinity of the address.  Otherwise we take it back so that we deliver another time.


Do you deliver on Sundays and holidays?

Yes. We always deliver.


I did not receive my order.

We would be really sorry.  Please contact us immediately by phone or email us at info.pastabalotta.com


We will be really sorry.  We strive not to let this happen.  We take immense pride in what we do.  However if this happens please do get in touch with us at info@pastabalotta.com  and we will make it right for you.