Eggs, thanks to their emulsifying, structural, frothy and colouring characteristics, represent an important ingredient for many products across different diets and requirements. They are full of natural substances, especially protein. In the production of fresh pasta, the presence of the eggs and its protein properties improves the mechanical features of the pasta, while aiding the way the pasta is cooked.

We are highly selective of our produce, and we ask our suppliers special eggs, especially in the features and colours of their yolk, in order to get the best eggs for fresh pasta production. This colour is obtained first and foremost through the healthy nutrition of the animals that produce them. More specifically, the colour of the yolk comes from specific pigments found in the food the animals are given, while the colour of the shell is a property deriving from the animal’s breed, and contrary to perception, has no influence on any nutritional aspects of the egg.

We source our eggs from specialized breeders across our territories, from animals that are given the best treatment in terms of space, cleanliness, environment and feeding characteristics. Our suppliers apply strict, traceable measures and controls at every stage that help us preserve and ensure the quality of our produce.