Eating Well

Means living well

Being a staple food of Mediterranean diets, pasta is a known to have very positive effects on our circulation, blood and metabolism while inspiring our fantasy and soul.

In many countries around the world people ask us why Italians love their pasta so much! After trying it out, these questions quickly dissolve into acknowledgements of such a dish…they quickly understand the love and passion that its flavours bring about together with the healthy benefits that a delicious plate of pasta can bring about.

The benefits associated with pasta are quite a few, seeing that it ties very well into different diets and can help prevent cardiovascular diseases. Pasta intake infact makes diets balanced and complete, and the way it is created ensures that the nutrients from its base ingredients are further amplified. Pasta, being a carbohydrate that has a relatively strong calorific profile, also helps in feeling fuller and thus reduces food intake from a more generic outlook.

Pasta can also be seen as a de-stresser. Primarily thanks to its delicious taste and flavours, it makes everyone happier. From a nutritional and biological aspect it also contains high levels of Vitamin B, especially B1, essential in the healthy functioning of our nervous systems. It also contains very low levels of sodium, as well as fibre, which are important in the prevention of cardiovascular problems and tumours.

And for coeliacs and gluten-intolerant individuals, pasta offers impermeable intestinal properties, while for those with colitis or other intestinal diseases one can make rice pasta, with quinoa or buckwheat…obviously always consumed al dente and with some delicious vegetables before or after your pasta dish.