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Pasta Balotta is

Handmade. Artisanal. Italian. Our passion and pride – and being madly in love with what we do, we translated this passion into our profession.


The name ‘Balotta’ is a gracious ode towards Emilia Romagna, a region that symbolises the essence of fresh Italian pasta and its communities. ‘Balotta’ infact represents a jargon commonly used to refer to a congregation of people coming together, a community of people, a group of friends…the essence of Emilia Romagna.


Fresh Pasta…Friendship…Respect…Coming Together. This is what Balotta is all about and what we truly want it to represent. It is our own way of bringing to your table all that is Italian, a true harmony of flavours brought right to your home and out of this beautiful region we call home.

Eating well, is living well.